05 August 2011

A Home In Need Of Change

After almost five years of living in our home, the renovation work that was done before seems to be falling apart. Our kitchen's countertop tiles were falling off already, the floor tiles near the entrance suddenly popped out on their own accord, and the cement ceiling right outside the front door were chipping and luckily the pieces didn't fall on anyone's head. I guess another renovation, albeit a minor one, is more practical than scouting for for sale by owner leads, meaning purchasing a second hand house. It would take a lot of work, and we still haven't thought of how our dream home would look like yet.

And, as the third baby is coming very soon, we need to expand to the second bedroom where our eldest will sleep. I wonder where to put the things since it has become another stockroom. The furniture of the master bedroom should be moved around to accommodate another baby cot.  I really need to "declutter" soon! My word! It sure is an overwhelming task.

Shopping for a kiddie bed is something I think I would look forward to. Plus, if the room is to be repainted, picking out the color would be exciting too. I was also thinking of adding a wall sticker in the design of a growth chart to monitor the kids' heights and add a decorative element to the room.

So, this home's need for change is just physical. But, the family members residing here will soon undergo an emotional change since an additional baby is something big to experience. Another round of sleepless nights for the parents, additional house help perhaps, the big sister will act more like a big sister, and the youngest son will be a big brother.
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