11 August 2011

Not Just A Mother

Giving birth to a son/daughter doesn't just make a woman a mom. She also has to take on other roles and responsibilities at the same time, too. Some moms even have to be dads to their children. To my 4-year-old daughter, I see myself as a/an:

  • Guide - not just a tourist guide, but the mentoring kind. This is a big responsibility, for what I teach, not just through words but also through actions, is etched deeply into her mind, thus she reflects how I am as a person. I really need God's help on this one as the immensity of molding another person is quite overwhelming and challenging, a really big job! It must be done right.
  • Stylist - having a daughter is sometimes fun for the moms to dress up, not just with t-shirts and pants, but with dresses, hats, hair accessories, cardigans, girly socks and pretty shoes. But, I am not into dressing up little girls as mini adults, it should be age-appropriate.
  • Entertainer - kids really do get bored very easily so I need to devise ways to keep her occupied. Also, during car rides to far places, it is hard for her to stay still so it is wise to keep toys, picture books and imaginations handy.
  • Teacher - the one in school is not enough, at home, I need to help her do her homework. Elle calls me "Mama Teacher" sometimes. 
  • Referee - as early as now, Elle and her baby brother Caleb fight like cats and dogs already. Aside from breaking them up, I need to be objective, too. But sometimes, they said it's OK to let them resolve conflicts on their own, I just don't know if it's applicable at this stage.
  • Nutritionist - for someone who doesn't really watch what she eats, this is difficult as I need to come up with dishes that will be beneficial for my kids. Plus, I don't really cook before I got married!
How about you, mommies? What other roles do you take on since becoming a mother?


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