13 July 2011

Pregnancy Thoughts + Ads

 I was wrong to think that my "diaper duties" would end with my second baby. God has blessed my hubby and I with another one. So, purchasing diapers would be part of our lives for around two or more years. Thank God my 4-year-old had been completely weaned from wearing them even at night. Our burden on diaper expense had been lightened considerably.

With such closely spaced children, I feel as if I am perpetually pregnant (and fat).
So, after I give birth, I think I will need this IF I don't lose weight through breastfeeding:
Baboosh Body Unisex Waist Trimmer

Speaking of breastfeeding, I really want to sustain it, as I have blogged about on Cymplified. And associated with that is babywearing, which I am also considering since it was suggested to breastfeed on demand, so there'd always be a tiny mouth near my chest.

Almost three children to our household and sometimes I still cannot believe that I am a mom. It would still feel surreal when my daughter calls out "Mommy?". Sometimes, I would wonder if I am truly deserving to be a mother of such wonderful and squeezable children. But, maybe God thinks so that's why He's given me more than I expected to have.

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