01 September 2011

Excited For The Photo Book!

Taking advantage of online deals could prove to be good for our wallets, provided that the products or services are well worth it. It also helps that the companies that peruse this type of marketing are popular like purchasing a Bath and Body Works coupon, or having a buffet lunch at Cafe d'Asie, The Bellevue Manila, which had many patrons when we went there twice. And then we availed of five coupons from Chooks-To-Go, a roasted chicken delivery service, which were life-savers when I couldn't come up with anything for dinner due to time constraint, mostly. I also bought two coupons to a steak dinner at Alfredo's as a gift for my parents. I hope they enjoyed them. 

I also featured a US-based online deal-buying site called Mamapedia, now it's Mamasource, I think.

We had pictures of the "maternity shoot" of my 2nd pregnancy, the newborn shoot of baby Caleb, his dedication and first birthday that we would like to compile into an album. Thankfully, I saw a deal for photobookphilippines.com where there's a software I could download, then I just upload the pictures to the software then drag & drop them to my desired page layout. I have the option to add scrapbook elements, masking, backgrounds, frames, drop shadows, vignettes, texts, and borders. I also love that I could rearrange the pages easily. I purchased this at the price of 1000Php for a 4000Php worth of photo book. 

the interface
After I have finished uploading and designing the album, I would need to click the order button. I just wonder how the pictures are going to be transferred to them. That would remain a mystery until I am through with this "project".  Then, the album would be shipped to me. It's just unfortunate that the voucher amount cannot be used for shipping costs. I am excited to see the finished product! If it looks really nice and worth it, I think I'm going to get another album for the third baby. :-)
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