06 September 2011

Fired Blogs!

Thank you to a very cool and very funny momma, Rachel Joy for handing me this award. I'm sorry it took me so long to post this. With the award come seven things I had to share about me:
  1. Blogs let me live in someone else's shoes for a little while.
  2. Having kids gives me an excuse to act silly and exercise my face.
  3. I love making baby food for my one-year-old!
  4. I think I am developing a phobia for commuting and going to places like Divisoria, where I got held up and robbed. Scary!
  5. I used to love scary amusement rides, I wonder if I could get on them now.
  6. I love shopping for books rather than for clothes or accessories.
  7. I do judge a book by its cover (literally!) most of the time.
I use bloglovin.com to follow these blogs (except the first one) whom I live vicariously through especially the fashion peeps and the fierce moms who blog. Below are 10 bloggers whose writing inspire passion from their readers:
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