24 March 2012

Ice Candies

Want some?

Ice candy is the Philippine version of the ice pop.

Why I love them

  • It's our instant dessert!

  • A healthy dessert, since it's made of fruits, and fruit juice, sometimes with milk.

  • The possibilities are endless. Aside from the mango and buco (coconut) pictured, we have made other flavors like calamansi juice, pineapple juice, banana, melon, chocolate, coffee and corn.

  • Perfect for the summer weather we are experiencing right now.

  • It isn't super messy to consume since the plastic bag still encase the rest of the "candy". We used 1 3/4"x10" plastic bags.  

  • Easy to make. Blend together fruits with water or milk. Or just pour in prepared juices into the plastic bags using a funnel.

  • Great for kids to get them to eat fruits.

  • Cool off with an ice candy now!

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