06 April 2012

Maundy Thursday at Ace Water Spa

My mom and my brother invited me and my family to a lovely morning at Ace Water Spa, Pasig, the newly opened branch. The establishment was open this entire Holy Week. This was perfect for families that decided not to go out of town but wanted to go swimming or frolic in water. 

No, she didn't "swim"
I liked that the security personnel and the staff made it a point to greet their customers warmly. One of them even kept talking with my eldest.
Aside from the central "waterfalls" system in the center of the kiddie pool, there's also a cute elephant slide installment. The lazy river was a hit for many who opted to relax while lying down on the floating foams. I loved the bubble bed and I would have fallen asleep if I weren't in the water.
It's a great place to "get away" without going too far, if you live in Metro Manila.
After swimming or massages, people usually become hungry, so the Ace Coffee Lounge was a good idea. It also offers lunch buffet at an introductory price of 550Php. The food was not bad. A mini pot of shabu-shabu was part of its offering. I found an amazing innovation there. It's a wet tissue dispenser. A rolled up piece of wipe would come out at the push of a finger. Cool!
It was a wonderful experience and I'm sure Elle loved it. Although, Caleb was a little scared by the overwhelming amount of water in the place (that's my guess), it's a fun way to spend long weekends and holidays.

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