20 April 2012

ABC's Of Me!

Already thirty years on earth and I am still learning so much about myself. There are a few discoveries I found regarding my likes and dislikes in the context of wife-hood and mommy-hood. I know these will change in a few years, but for now, I'm living in these moments. I am sharing these in voiceBoks' ABC's Of Me! I am new in this parenting community but hopefully, I could gain friends and insights as a parent.

Apple is one of my least favorite fruits.
It's my first time to really get into Breastfeeding. It's been six months and it's still going on. Having the correct information, a breastfriend and support really helps.
I cannot eat Chocolate everyday, I need a break from it, too. Therefore, I am not a chocoholic after all.
I missed having Dogs, but ever since I became a mom, I am kind of scared of the allergy that their dander could cause.
I like soft-boiled and poached Eggs.
I don't fancy eating Fish.
I was addicted to Facebook Games once.
Heaven is very real for me.
It's good to always have Ice cream in the freezer.
Jesus values me so much. He preserves me with His love.
My Kids are fun and make me feel young at heart.
I don't want to sleep Late but I always end up doing so.
Being a Mommy is so darn hard. Glad my children are cute and worth it.
New stuff makes me giddy and excited. I'm sure that goes for most people, adults and kids alike.
I wish I could bake yummy dessert and snacks using the Oven.
I still like Princesses and fairy tales. Like my daughter.
Quality time spent works wonders for my children, they get upset less.
Rest and relaxation are luxuries for a mom.
I don't like Scary movies.
My children telling the Truth is very important to me. As with every parent.
Marriage needs a lot of Understanding.
I hope my parenting could instill Values in my children. C. S. Lewis said: "Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil. "
I am happy that my kids love to drink lots of Water. They don't ask for juice or soda.
I have never imagined giving my child a name that starts with the letter X.
I love it when my daughter says "Yummy" when I present to her some snacks.
I don't think I'll ever try Zipline. I think I am less adventurous after having children.

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