18 June 2012

Lemon for Moms!

When it comes to handling our family's finances, moms need all the help we can get. Agree? Do you really know what you spend your money on? I want the answer to that question.

Overwhelmed by receipts? If you are like me whose wallet was getting fat, not with cash (I hope it was!), but with receipts and charge slips, then using Lemon would be a sigh of relief. 

Is it just me or are you also amazed at how iPhone applications could turn the camera into a scanner? Wow, right? So when I used Lemon to scan receipts so I'll have a digital copy of them, I was also in awe how the scanner could read the printed words and amount then type them out. I even tried it on a handwritten one and it worked.

And did you know that one can now digitize the debit and credit cards, the loyalty and ID cards, even coupons and daily deals using Lemon? So, if I lost my wallet (God forbid!), I have a back-up copy of my cards thus, when I call the credit card company to report my lost card, I know the card info to tell them. Smart, isn't it?

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If you want a useful application on your iPhone that could benefit yourself and your family financial-wise, then try Lemon. Please click on my affiliate links if you have decided to join Lemon. Thanks!
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