11 June 2012

I want to "Be Body Beautiful" with Wacoal

After giving birth to my second baby in 2010, and to another one last year, I haven't had the time to really look in the mirror or inspect my body. I guess I was afraid of what I might see.

And I was right!

As I was smoothing on lotion on my body, I was super shocked to see how loose my skin was becoming. I know that pregnancy changes a woman's body a lot. But, I never thought it changed mine so drastically! In line with this, I also notice my already wide hips are even wider and rounder. It also seems I have lost my waist's definition somewhere. And my twin peaks! I think I am on the Stage 2 in the picture below. *shudder* 

taken from Philippine Wacoal Corporation Facebook page

I am learning about gravity again! And how unforgiving it could be to maturing women like me. 

Of course, I wouldn't be able to go against gravity now, could I? Age and gravity definitely do not mix! To sort of defy them, I just really good supports in the form of undergarments. I admit I have worn ill-fitting underwear and it does not feel good. Let alone look good in my eyes, thus my clothes don't look good either. I love that Wacoal makes intimate apparel that that not only fits women of different sizes, but also fits women of different ages. They understand that women's bodies change as time goes by and they promise to provide comfort & support that we need no matter at what age and stage we are in.

For my loose belly, great for fitted dresses and gowns
For my sagging (I kinda loathe that word) boobs, great for tank tops
For my spilling tummy and hips, great for skinny pants and fitted slacks
I want to "Be Body Beautiful" at 30 and I am happy Wacoal understands that. I am squeamish, so undergoing invasive procedures in an attempt to look young is a no-no for me.

When aging has been catching up on me, there's nothing I can do but to be candid about it. I'm reading Aunt Erma's Cope Book again and now, I think I could relate to her woes more after being a mother. She cracks me up! In the 1970's, Erma Bombeck was already talking about how people were doing everything to not look their age.

"If you had a wrinkle, you took a snip.
If something sagged, you took a tuck.
If it jiggled, firm it up.
If it stuck out, suck it in.
If it was gray, touch it up."
Isn't that so true? 
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