31 May 2012

How the Boncho saved my day!

Err... night!

When I was preggy with my third baby, I won these goodies from Indigo Baby via Dainty Mom. :-)

Last May 12, I had dinner with my family at Naci. I decided to try the place upon Anne's (Green Eggs and Moms) recommendation. I wore a halter nursing top by Blissful Babes with a bandeau undergarment so there'd be no straps visible. Silly me, I forgot to put breast pads! Breastfeeding moms know how leaky boobs are. So, when I was nursing my baby in the car, it happened. I knew it was going to be obvious and that would be very awkward that I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself. 

I was so relieved I brought the Boncho along with me!

Therefore, my outfit became accented with a vest, care of the Boncho. And it hid the milk stain! Neat, huh?

Here's a helpful article from Babycenter.com.ph about Leaking Breasts.
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