24 May 2012

Human Nature Baby Care

My eldest and second baby have been using Human Nature products for almost two years now. My third has been using it ever since she was born. So, when the chamomile baby wash and the sunflower seed oil were dwindling, I ordered the baby care line from Human Nature. It has a baby wash, a baby oil and a baby lotion. I couldn't bring myself to go back to using commercialized products for my small children with their sensitive skin that I want to protect.

I loved the box it came with. 

Baby wash with lavender, rosemary and chamomile: it has a very mild scent and is gentle since babies don't get too stinky and too dirty.

Baby lotion enriched with avocado oil and aloe vera: is not super thick and leaves a smoother feeling on baby's already smooth skin.

Baby oil: can I just say that this is an amazing product? Cayla had rashes on her neck at the onset of the summer. I used baby powder and AI cream on them but she still itched and cried while grasping at her neck. Poor baby! I tried this sunflower baby oil and the red spots were gone the next day. With the heat comes sweat, so I was not surprised the rashes came back. I persevered and used the baby oil on every red dot I see. Now, they're all gone, but I still swipe the oil on her neck for protection since it's so hot!
It's also perfect for her occasional diaper rash. The redness always disappeared on the next change. I also use this to massage my baby boy and baby girl. Before, I used the Guava scented massage oil since Human Nature did not come out with the baby oil yet.

I am sure that when my supply runs out, I'll be ordering this again. Until they become adults, I guess!
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