11 May 2012

I was at Expo Mom 2012

Ever since my friend introduced me to the "movers and shakers" of breastfeeding, babywearing, mompreneurs and mommy shopping, I have been wanting to attend most events. I have passed the dmv drivers test of my country, and yet, I still don't know how to drive. And I am afraid to do so! I think that I might palpitate under the driving conditions of Metro Manila. So, hopefully, when I get over my fear, I'll be driving myself silly everywhere. I also have so many places in mind I want to bring my children to: parks, zoos, museums, libraries, and playgrounds.

Anyway, I went to the Expo Mom in Rockwell Tent last May 5. This was an event by Mommy Mundo. I went with my third baby Cayla. I posted this photo on Facebook so I got the chance to pick a prize, which was an Avent sippy cup. :-)

Ever since I won an Indigo Baby Divine Intervention Room & Linen Spray from DaintyMom.com, I have been using linen spray every time we change our bedding. I also like the Lavender linen spray from Spa Essentials that a friend gifted us. Now that it's almost gone, I purchased the Indigo Baby Sleepy Head Room & Linen Spray this time. I cannot wait to use it!

I also cannot wait for the time Cayla goes swimming in her new LuvGear SunAlert swimwear. I wish I had purchased it earlier in time for our beach getaway. For Elle and Caleb, I bought them educational books. Shopping for the kids was made more fun with Expo Mom. There's a chance to win prizes that were being raffled off, plus, I also got to see the #RealMoms and some bloggers in the flesh. :-)
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