24 September 2012

The "Mother is sitting" phenomenon by Aunt Erma

From Aunt Erma's Cope Book by Erma Bombeck:
"The "Mother is sitting" phenomenon is probably one of the reasons meditation never really got a foothold on mothers when they were the ones who needed it the most."

Do you agree? This happens to me sometimes. And it's not just sitting, it also applies to when I thought I had the chance to stretch my back, or close my eyes for a while, or read, or blog, or daydream.

"At that moment the doorbell will ring, children will appear holding vital parts of their anatomy, the dog will dig his paws insistently into a leg, a husband will call impatiently for help, a phone will register its fifteenth ring, a pot will boil over, a buzzer will sound, or faucets will go on all over the house, and a loud voice will shriek, "I'm telling.""

In my case, my baby will cry or shout for me, my eldest will tell me "Caleb hurt me!" or "Please draw this and that." or "Where are the scissors?", my only boy will want to sit on my lap or be carried. Of course, I welcome all their attention but then, there will be meals to plan (I do wish I could get myself to do weekly, if not, monthly meal-planning), a space to declutter, and a missing something that needed finding.

From all Aunt Erma had been able to gather, a message goes out over an invisible network that flashes to the world "Mother is in a sitting position. Proceed and de-sit."

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