15 September 2012

My Wacoal Shapevest Experience

It was a nice day to take my Wacoal Shapevest for a spin. The cool and windy weather's perfect, I was sure the birthday party venue will be air-conditioned.
Dressing up in our closet was a bit tricky since the area is not ventilated, I got a bit lightheaded the first few minutes I was wearing the Shapevest. Like Ms. Lourdes of Wacoal said, it takes some getting used to. In fact, she was the one who recommended it to me as she was sporting one at work. She was very helpful in taking my measurements, assisting me in looking at the types of undergarment I like and giving me lessons in how to properly wear a brassiere and the correct way of cleaning it, especially ones with under-wire.
I think it did a good job of streamlining my silhouette. It boosted my confidence for around 5 hours maximum. After that, I felt the straps cutting into my skin as I carry my baby most of the time. I also chased after my toddler so I felt the bones of the Shapevest cutting into my side.
What I like about it:
  • I could wear any bra with it, even my nursing bra.
  • There are no bulges on my upper back.
  • It defines my waist and flattens my tummy and abdomen.
Even though it cannot be worn with strapless and halter tops and dresses, it's perfect for body-hugging tops and other types of dresses.

Wacoal Makati

source: https://www.facebook.com/PhilippineWacoalCorp

Wacoal shared this site on how to properly wear and care for the brassiere. Hope it helps all the ladies out there! 
source: http://www.sorci-age.com/wearing_n_care_guide.php  
It is a great idea to invest in good underwear as it is the foundation of a good outfit, resulting in feeling good and looking good.
I am excited to try the Wacoal bandeau with detachable straps next!

My Wacoal Shapevest

Note: I was provided with Php3,000 worth of merchandise to review. The excess and the transportation expenses were shouldered by me. All opinions expressed are my own.
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