05 October 2012

My very first OOTD...

Shot by Elle, my 5-year-old

...And probably my last! I really NEED to exercise! And, I don't know about my pose! Ha ha! It was directed by my daughter.

I had on my super comfy Andie dress by AND Apparel from Catalogue63. I wore the Jelly Sandals I won from Mothering Earthlings. My only accessory was a ring I got from PM, a blogger.                    

A closer look at the Jelly Sandals:
Comfy and adds color!
Since the Andie dress has thin straps, I wore my Wacoal Bandeau underneath. It's a wear it and forget about it undergarment because I don't have to worry about it being too tight or it might slip down without the straps. It was very soft and didn't cut into my skin. I felt more confident in my dress that even though it might get accidentally pulled down by my kids, my cleavage wouldn't be visible.

When I get to buy more dresses, I would definitely invest in more Wacoal Bandeaus. I got the one in nude, there's also black and white.
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