18 October 2012

Weekend Fun Must-haves!

Who doesn't love the weekends? It's when we could take a break from work and enjoy more of the lovely blessings we have in our lives. For some, it is enjoying the fruits of their labor by going shopping or dining out, with friends or family or without. For some, it is a relaxing time to go on a pampering spree or on a road trip to Tagaytay to escape the city heat. For me and my hubby, it is spending quality time with our children. If we are not home playing with them, we are out for lunch or dinner at a kid-friendly restaurant or we are getting fresh air at some grassy, tree-filled place near the city. We would also do a fun photo-shoot like this:

You and your family could have your photo taken like this! Or in any theme you fancy! Just drop me a message here or email me at cymplified[at]gmail[dot]com.

So, when we go have some family fun like this, I would need a really good weekender bag where the children's things could also fit. I believe that a mom's bag cannot have too many pockets and dividers. I'd love a roomy bag that's multi-functional with lots of compartments, like these ones from ZALORA:
A practical dark purple color
A pretty pink color
What shall I put inside the bag? As a breastfeeding mom carrying/wearing my baby and running after my small children, water is an important  item in the bag. This glass bottle with silicone sleeve I found in ZALORA makes a statement.

Looks clean and pure!
I get super sweaty so I would need a small towel like this one from ZALORA aside from a handkerchief that I always have in my pocket.

I love purple!
And a change of shirt (or dress), too! Of course, I want something comfortable, and has breastfeeding access.

I like the overlap detail!
A dress with buttons in front
Shop at ZALORA and get 5% off when you use this voucher code CymCazza123G upon checkout.

I wonder what our next photo-shoot theme will be? It's fun and a great family bonding moment!

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