26 October 2012

How To Be A Fairy

A fairy is a magical character that is close to my little girl's heart, alongside a princess and a mermaid. I thought she had a blast dressing up as one during an "enchanted" photo-shoot. She is one happy and beautiful fairy!

My charming fairy!

What characteristics describe a fairy? Based on the countless times we have watched Barbie in Fairytopia, Mariposa and A Fairy Secret and the Tinkerbell movies:

  • A fairy loves and guards nature. In fact, her powers are derived from nature.
  • A fairy is curious, especially about humans and their things. It's like how some people are curious about them.
  • There is a little bit of mischief in a fairy. 
  • A fairy likes to sing, dance and celebrate.
  • A fairy has skills and talents that she needs to harness and make good use of.
  • A fairy has to have faith, hope and pixie dust!
Moms with daughters who like fairies could dress up as one and have their delightful moment captured, too! Just shoot me a message at cymplified[at]gmail[dot]com.
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