05 November 2012

Elle's Christmas Wishlist

As early as now, my 5-year-old daughter already made a list of what she wants for Christmas. It's a list that was addressed to Santa Claus. It's the influence of watching TV, I suppose, for I did not say that I believe in Santa Claus or confirm that he was coming. Last year, she made drawings of what she wanted and hung them on our Christmas tree. When she did not receive what was in the drawing, she did not cry or show any sign of disappointment. This time, she knows how to write so she made a list of about 10 items. She even included a chair for me in the list. I was so touched by her sweet gesture!

When the next question came, I did not know how to answer. She asked, "How could Santa Claus come inside our house when we don't have a chimney?" Living here in a tropical country, a chimney is something our houses do not have. The only live chimney I saw here was in a log cabin we rented in Tagaytay. I am not even sure if it works. We do not have to pay for something like chimney cleaning toronto, but a house sure looks nice with a fireplace. It's great to put up the lighted Christmas tree near a decorated mantel.

At present, Elle is infatuated (?) with My Little Pony and that is she wants the other characters for Christmas. She also had a brilliant idea. She said, "I'll also show this list to my ninong and ninang." Practical, huh?
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