08 November 2012

Am I made for the WAHMderful life?

Last October 27, I attended a workshop for moms who are aspiring to work from home.

Can you spot me in the group picture below? :-)

The lovely WAHMs and WAHMs-to-be

Although I haven't yet found the answer to the question: Am I made for the WAHMderful life?, there are several things I have learned from this workshop.

  1. I really need to define my objectives for working at home, and write down my mommy mission statement. I need to be intentional and purposeful.
  2. Know what I could do to meet my objectives and to carry out my mission as a Christian mom.
  3. Gather support from other like-minded moms. 
  4. I need to try schedules that would work for my family.
  5. I am not sure if being a VA is for me. I am so disorganized!
  6. I sure am not an expert on something, but according to Ramit Sethi, I can still make money. I have to know what value I could offer to people who have needs which I can fill.
  7. I cannot strive for balance, only simplicity. I know I need to start with our home, our immediate environment. 
  8. I want to have my own zone where I could work on something, and I need to teach my children to respect my work space. Right now, our computer table is located in the living area where the children play. So, my computer time is very erratic as they would suddenly pull me away when they need me or just want my company.
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