10 December 2012

Planning My Wardrobe

Now that I am more, ahem, mature, I think I need to update my look. I am not talking about something like a facelift montreal as it is way out of budget and really not part of my plans. I am referring to a wardrobe makeover. I still have so many pre-pregnancy tops and bottoms that I don't think would look good on me and my mummy tummy. I don't even know and maybe I don't want to find out what size of jeans would fit me these days. What I need are tops that have forgiving shapes and silhouettes. For the bottoms, I prefer to wear skirts or shorts, although I have only one or two of each, that would look presentable. I'm thinking of adding more. I also want a little black dress and a little white dress, which they say should be staples in a woman's closet. Other kinds of dresses are also part of my list.

Recently, I purchased this Plains and Prints Mykonos dress from ZALORA.

I love that it comes with a belt that I could use with other dresses or loose tops. I also love that there's an inside dress or slip that I could use with other sheer dresses. I cannot wait to wear it to a party or maybe to my cousins' wedding, unless I would need to wear a gown.

At the recent bazaar held at Damar Village, I found two tops that I think were cool finds from the Mango brand. The dress on the lower left was chosen by my hubby. They also have other popular brands like Guess, Mossimo, Vans, Salsa and Miss Sixty. There's going to be a repeat next year so do watch out for it, especially if you often pass by the area.

What I need to do next is to sell or donate the ones that I have not worn within one or two years. I also plan to sort the baby clothes because I think our house is bursting at the seams with stuff. This is so we could have more space for new things, right? :-)
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