08 January 2013

Tiles, Tiles, Beautiful Master T&B Tiles!

When I have my beautiful dream home, I will make sure that the bathrooms would look wonderful as they are easy-to-clean. One way of beautifying bathrooms is to choose Bathroom tiles that make a statement. Once I went to a home depot and I realized that I love looking at tiles. I daydream about the kinds of patterns I could create. There are so many designs to choose from! Some tiles even have listels or border tiles that accentuate the colors of the wall tiles. I would notice the tiles of the restrooms of malls, hotels and restaurants I visit. The floor tiles are tricky because as comfort rooms are always wet and moist, they should be non-slip, or textured but not too much that it would be difficult to walk on. Mats like the ones in spas would be recommended especially for me, I have three little children who cannot be expected to be very careful when walking in bathrooms.

And would you believe, I slipped and fell in our bathroom twice already! I'm an accident-magnet, it seems. So I guess I would need the non-slip mats more.

Anyway, back to the beautiful tiles. For the master T&B, I would prefer a more masculine approach, or at least a rich, deep brown color of tiles. Maybe something like this:

Or a blend of light and dark like this:

And then a border tile like this to frame the tile pattern:

What do you think? I think that when the time comes, shopping for bathroom tiles would excite me to no end, notwithstanding the budget constraint. It will be more challenging to look for nice yet inexpensive patterns, but when I do, it will be rewarding. :-)

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