05 February 2013

3D Heart-shaped Valentine's Decor by ceemee

Crafting could really be therapeutic.

I have always wanted to do crafting, or give presents that are hand-made by me. But, it seems I am all thumbs when it comes to this hobby that I wish I am into. I could not even cut a straight edge with a cutter or a pair of scissors.

"Do I cut on the drawn line or outside of it?"

Browsing photos of crafts or reading how-to's in Pinterest could either inspire me or make me feel frustrated. Some people are really good at making pretty things and sadly, I am not one of them. I especially want to learn so I could do crafting activities with my children.

But, I do try to do it occasionally. When I have the materials on hand, I give art-making a go.

Like this Valentine's Day decor I made for our tree. Yep, I still haven't taken it down.

I made these from left-over corrugated boards I used in college. Yes, college! I glued the curved side edges of the three cut out hearts together. After they dried, I used a needle and red thread to "sew" them together and make the "hangings" on top.

I took this and some art materials from my parents' home in hopes of making art with Elle, my eldest. Hope to make some garlands next!
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