09 February 2013

A Little Sentimental About Life After College

Last week, I went through my college plates and folios I brought from my parents' home. Memories of my professors' voices, sleepless nights and faces of my group-mates popped up in my mind's eyes. I shook my head as I felt again the dipping of my spirits when I encountered the low grades. I was a bit relieved that that part of my life was over. It's just such a waste that I didn't get to practice my course longer. Maybe if I had taken and passed the board exam, I would still be deciding between vinyl flooring and quickstep laminate flooring for a project I would probably be working on. 

a little model I made for one of my Arch classes

Well, my string of decisions led me to this place and this season: a wife to my hubby and mother to our three little wonders. Some moms, after being stay-at-home-moms or work-at-home-moms, decide to be or go back to being work-out-of-home-moms. I wonder if I would do that when my children are a little bigger and more independent, but I cannot picture it as of now. I cannot imagine myself as a working woman again, at present. But, doing interior design for a whole house without budget constraints is on my life list (bucket list to most), among others. I am still populating that list and will share it to the world soon. He he! 

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