30 July 2013

Signs Of Home Foundation Damage

Foundation damage sets in gradually, and it can eventually destroy your home. The warning signs should never be ignored because fast treatment can save your home and drastically reduce the cost of repairs. Keep an eye out for these warning signs that your foundation is facing serious problems.

Sloping Areas
Sections of your house that should be level should never start sloping. If your floor or ceiling starts to slope, you should call for Plano foundation repair before the damage becomes too extensive.

Door and Window Problems
When the foundation settles, you will start having problems with your doors and windows working properly. They may become stiff, difficult to open and difficult to close. There also may be a separation between the doors and windows and surrounding areas.

Watch for cracks in any are of the home. Wall cracks can happen with mild settling, but they should not return once they are filled in and patched. Cracks that tear bricks or cinder blocks in two are particularly worrisome, and you should also watch for cracks in the floor, foundation and moldings.

Bowing and Separation
Finally, the most serious warning signs including bowing of walls and separation of walls from the floors or ceiling. When you start to see these warning signs, you should absolutely call for service at the earliest moment.

The good news is that these foundation problems can be corrected. Calling at the first sign of problems will minimize the damage and limit your repair bills, but even more serious foundation problems can be professionally repaired.
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