29 July 2013

Unique Gift For Babies: Patchwork Quilt

Patchwork Quilts. Those two words conjure up hundreds of years of history in America. Colonists made use of every scrap of material bringing forth the beautiful, intricate quilts so familiar to us today. They didn't know they were making history; they only knew they were providing for their families. Fortunately for us their practical, traditional artwork has been carried on through the generations.

Just the name "quilt" evokes comfort, coziness, warmth and home. Since 1983, Linens-N-More has been a Texas tradition offering hundreds of quilts that spread the nostalgia and history of quilts to thousands. Linens-N- More has so many different styles and patterns to choose from there is sure to be one to complement your home. In addition to the traditional patchwork and wedding ring quilt styles, other available styles include beach, tropical, themed, contemporary and a variety of solid color quilts. Each is ready to make your choice more difficult because with so many to choose from, it is almost overwhelming to make that final choice.

Quilt throws, children's quilts and crib quilts make unmistakable gifts sure to please the recipient or as cozy additions to your own home. Each quilt is hand-quilted making it a purely unique item. The addition of matching pillow shams, toss pillows, and/or bed skirts will complete the complementary look of your bedroom.

Ahhh... Comfort!

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