17 August 2013

Our Comfortable Slights Eyeglasses

As a mother, spending quality time with my three little ones is very important. It is annoying to have little inconveniences get in the way of our reading stories, playing pretend and cuddling. One of these seemingly negligible inconveniences is having my eyeglasses slip down my perennially wet nose. And then worrying about my frame breaking when my kids and I would tickle each other on the bed on a whim. It does look like these are just small things, but when they are on my mind everyday, they become hinderances to enjoying family moments and activities.

his and my Slights
The world's most comfortable frame was discovered by my dear hubby. I am glad I went with his suggestion when I had to replace my old glasses, which kept slipping down my nose and had green substance on the screws. Eew, right? 

Slights frame is indeed very comfortable because it is very lightweight. And because it's lightweight, there's no dent on my nose where the frame rests. I can lie down on my side and it won't cut into my temple. It is flexible and I could gently adjust it to suite my face shape. It is made from titanium and won't rust. My acidic sweat doesn't corrode it or leave green traces on it like on metal frames. 

The only downside of its bendable but not foldable frame is that it cannot be hanged on the shirt collar like we sometimes do to ordinary glasses. It will spring open, thus, it's also a challenge to put into its case. Nevertheless, the good points do outweigh the minor drawback. I would definitely purchase this brand again when the need arises. 

We bought Slights frame with prescription lenses at EO for around Php6,000+. 

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