22 September 2013

How Brands Are Advertising Now

There was a time when the big brands and companies in the country only tapped celebrities to endorse their products or services. Nowadays, they recognize the reputation and the power of persuasion of bloggers. The readers of blogs could easily identify with the writers behind them since they are ordinary people like you and me. There is something more personal and believable about bloggers than celebrities or personalities seen only on TV. We know that these people really did try the products and they are honest in their opinions. They are more credible in our eyes because the entertainment artists could very well be made over by an army of stylists and make-up artists before endorsing the whitening product, for example. With bloggers, customer testimonials are not anymore done by random people we don't know, but rather by figures who are most probably like us in many ways. 

In my reality, the moms who are bloggers are very influential in my purchasing decisions. The well-known mommy bloggers I read and follow also face home dilemmas and children woes like I do, so if they have tried products and advice that work for them, it is most likely that I will purchase them for me and my family too. Advertising these days has taken a different turn and it sure is wise of the big brands and companies to have the common yet respected folks support their campaigns and advocacies. It sure is beneficial to reinvent the ways they deliver their products and messages to the public. More and more people are online and getting most of their information through the Internet. In view of this, the companies are taking advantage of this truth and are partnering with people, especially bloggers, who are established online as sources of these information, as well as inspiration. I think this is wise because this tactic works on me. :-)
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