30 September 2013

Room Makeover: Accentuating

Room design is all about the details. An entire room can be made over without spending a lot of money and taking a lot of time. Incorporating a few new statement pieces is easy to do and can make a lasting impression on the entire room.

Making small changes like swapping out throw pillows, lamp shades, frames, and floral arrangements can breathe a breath of fresh air into a room. Changing the curtains, throw rugs, or painting one wall take any room one step further towards rejuvenation. Moving the furniture into a new arrangement is also an easy way to mix things up.

Contemporary light fixtures can help accentuate a room's design. Having the proper lighting can seal the deal on any room's fresh new look. Wall sconces provide soft, muted light and work well in living rooms, dens, and bedrooms. For a more dramatic look, modern chandeliers and sleek fixtures can be a strong focal point. Shops such as crescentharbormodern.com have an extensive inventory of fixtures to choose from, so one can easily find the perfect piece to accentuate their decor.

I'd love to have this for our living room

Small changes like this can bring a much needed freshness to any room. It's simple to do, doesn't cost a lot of money, and won't require a big commitment. Seasonally making these small changes and adding accents can keep a room up-to-date and modern all year long!
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