14 October 2013

Adding A Natural Element To Your Home

The creative designs in wrought iron stair railings are part of what makes these railings so popular with homeowners. In many cases, a wrought iron railing has different shapes within its design giving it an additional element of interest. One of the most popular wrought iron railing parts is the rosette. Here are some examples of the rosettes homeowners choose for their wrought iron stair railings.
A rosette design that includes scroll work is appealing to many homeowners. They may choose this part because it coordinates with other designs in the décor. For instance, an individual may have standing candle sticks near the railing with a design that echoes the scroll work in the wrought iron. By coordinating these elements in the décor, a homeowner brings visual balance to the space.

A rosette with a flower featured in its design is another popular option for homeowners who love wrought iron stair railings. The flower may match a flower in a piece of artwork hanging in the hallway. Or, it may echo the appearance of a vase full of silk flowers sitting on a hallway table. These subtle touches can contribute to the inviting appearance of a front hallway.

Finally, a rosette with leaves in its design is perfect to put in a hallway with leaves decorating the wallpaper. A visitor's eyes will naturally travel from the wallpaper to the leaves in the design of the wrought iron stair railing. Visitors will appreciate the extra care an owner gives to his or her décor.
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