20 November 2013

Human Nature Shampoos

Human Nature Clarifying shampoo

Something happened to me so I decided to start using Human Nature shampoo again. I chose this clarifying variant to wash away the chemicals from my previous commercial shampoo. It leaves my hair squeaky clean. When I run my fingers through my hair after bathing, my hair literally squeaks. In my opinion, conditioning after rinsing this shampoo off is a must.

Human Nature kids shampoo for girls

My 6-year-old uses this and she likes the packaging very much. She likes mermaids! She's not too sold on the apple scent, though. I am not sure it does smell like apples. 

Human Nature kids shampoo for boys

The same 6-year-old girl loves this tangerine scent better. I do agree with her. When the girls' shampoo runs out, I'm going to get the bigger tangerine thunder scented shampoo, I don't care if the picture on the bottle is of a race car. :-)
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