01 December 2013

Change Up Your Drain Cover!

Are you thinking about removing your drain cover? Perhaps you do not like the way that it looks anymore, or maybe too much material is getting caught up in it and it is stopping the drain from working correctly. This has often been known to happen near a washing machine since lint and other things can get caught when they are expelled with the rinse water.

There are a few problems with taking it out, though. For one thing, the drain cover is supposed to catch all of the lint and other materials. That is its job, and taking it out means that all of that stuff is just going to go right down the pipe, where it can get lodged in the nearest turn or bend. This can cause the drain to stop working entirely and you will have to clear out the trap. That is a far larger job than just cleaning off the top of the drain cover each time that you use the washing machine.

If you do not like the way that the cover looks, you are better off to shop beautiful square drain covers at DesignerDrains.com and get a new one that you do like. This can change the look of the drain completely, whether it is in the basement, in the shower, or somewhere else in the house. This also ensures that the cover can continue to do the job that it was designed to do when it was first installed at the house.

I'd love to have this for our shower area!

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