07 January 2014

Caring For Aubrey

Hello! Have you met Aubrey?

She's our cute and very playful Pomeranian dog. She's two years old. My children are very fond of her and they love to spend time with her. They talk with her, share with her bits of bread, chase her around the house or just simply pet her. Having a dog is like having another sibling and for me, another kid, so we also need to keep her clean, thus, keeping her healthy.

How do we keep Aubrey clean and healthy?

  • We make sure she takes a bath regularly, but not on gloomy and cold days so getting sick could be avoided.
  • When her fur and nails become super long, we have her professionally groomed, and she would look like a mini chow chow, so round and fluffy!
  • We make sure her cage tray is always clear of pee and poop; and that her dog accessories like the ones from dog fence diy, are washed periodically.
  • Aubrey needs to visit the veterinarian for a wellness check-up and to make sure her vaccinations are updated. 
  • We make sure she always has water and that her food is the correct one for her breed and size.
  • Like children, she needs adequate rest and just the right amount of stimulation.
  • And like kids, she also needs interaction and exercise.
Having a pet dog gives animal-lovers like me and members of my family a sense of inexplicable joy. Knowing that there's someone (or some dog) at home who patiently awaits our return and is happy and excited to see us when we arrive is enough to make our lives more colorful and more meaningful.

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