24 January 2014

Happy With My Mommy Blogberry Planner

I got my Mommy Blogberry partner five days into the new year. I am glad I heeded Martine's recommendation because I am quite happy with it. It comes in purple, too. I love purple but I chose this color. Heehee!

I love that it has tabs so I could easily find the month I am currently on. There is no need for a bookmark.

I love that it incorporates a meal planner at the bottom so I won't need a separate calendar for that.

Aside from the menstrual tracker and the kids health & school info/record that were present in my old planner, there are useful information on the back pages like the calorie counter, kitchen measurement, conversions, shelf life of food, stacking the fridge, clothing sizes and a list of what to pack when traveling.

Lovely, right? 

And, I love that it has pockets at the back to store some undocumented receipts or love notes from the children. I also find it more convenient that the expenses and the to-do-lists are incorporated in each month. I love the smooth cover and the garter around the planner so it won't fall open. If you're a mom and don't have a planner yet, you might want to consider this one.

I am very happy with my Mommy Blogberry Planner!

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