16 February 2014

My Daughter Discovers YouTube

Ever since my eldest discovered YouTube, Ella has been in front of the PC when she comes home from school and after she does her homework. My hubby now has competition in desktop computer usage.

It all started when she wanted to buy My Little Pony toys for her birthday and she wants to know what is the best. I helped her take a look at toy review videos. After that, she got hooked!

Some channels that she watch on YouTube include:

Bin's Toy Bin - a husband and wife tandem reviewing toys, usually My Little Pony

Disney Car Toys - mom who has a son and they present funny and creative ways of playing with toys, usually Disney cars and Cookie Monster

My Froggy Stuff - creative crafting of accessories for toys and customization of dolls

The Toy Mom - a lucky mom who gets to review lots of toys!

Now that she knows how to read and spell, she enjoys searching for and watching videos about toys. I had to limit her computer time, though.

Do your children watch YouTube?
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