17 June 2014

Human Nature Overnight Elixir

Lines, fine lines are what I notice on my forehead and on the skin beside my eyes when I look in the mirror. That is why I have decided that I needed to use some sort of beauty product to better my facial skin because age is catching up on me. 

The reviews of Human Nature's Overnight Elixir seem very promising so I quickly added one to my online shopping cart. I wanted to make sure I got the free pouch offering. :-)

The packaging was simple yet elegant. Its glass bottle and its dropper were unique. I loved the smell. The elixir wasn't too oily for my already greasy T-zone. The effect on me wasn't as instantaneous as reviewed by other users on the website. It took about a week before I noticed my face felt smooth and my confidence boosted. I still got a few pimples during the period I was using this product, less than five. Towards the last drop, though, my skin was going back to its rough texture. Also, I wished the Human Nature Overnight Elixir came in a bigger bottle, teehee!

How about you? Have you tried this? If yes, how do you find the product?
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