26 June 2014

HVAC Services In Virginia

The commonwealth of Virginia experiences relatively extreme seasons. This means that homeowners can expect cold winters with freezing temperatures and hot summers with heat waves. Virginia residents need to have functional climate control systems all year long. HVAC companies are available to provide the necessary service for all types of heating and cooling systems in homes.

Old homes might be equipped with hot water heating systems featuring radiators. These systems are actually very hazardous because the iron radiators might get overheated and blow off some steam. There is always a risk of the supply pipes bursting during the winter as a result of stagnant water that freezes and expands. Modern heating systems use forced air designs that consist of a furnace and blower. Additionally, air filters are also installed in forced air heating systems. A network of ducts is used to deliver warm air into each room that is equipped with a vent opening on the floor, wall or ceiling.

Central air climate control systems also have AC systems that share ducts with the furnace. During the summer, the air conditioner needs to be turned on properly. An outdoor unit is installed in order to complete important cycles via coolants, evaporator coils, compressors and condensers. A site like EasternTechAirVA.com and other websites are examples of online resources featuring HVAC services in the state of Virginia. Homeowners can actually contact some local HVAC technicians if any emergency situations arise such as a leak in the water heater or the AC condenser.
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