04 November 2014

Lotte Xylitol dental health gum

I attended the Lotte Xylitol mommy bloggers meet-up one afternoon. Read about it here. These are the samples that I got from the event and I'm going to review them here.

The first flavor I tried was the blueberry mint. It's very good. My eldest tried it and because of that, she can tolerate mint now and uses our minty toothpaste. It's my favorite flavor because the sweetness is just right. Also, I like purple. :-)

Speaking of sweetness, the sample I got included their new strawberry mint flavor. Yes, it was a tad too sweet, especially at first, because most of the flavor was in the coating. But, I like the color, because I secretly like pink. ;-) Oops! It's not so secret anymore!

The third one I tried was the lime mint flavor. It's delicious at first, and then the taste became medicine-like. But that quickly faded away. 

The blue has a nice baby blue color! It's very, very minty!

I don't usually chew gums, but knowing the benefits of Lotte Xylitol dental health gum encourage me to have a bottle at hand, especially when we go out.

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