01 November 2014

How Remanufacturing Is Helping HVAC Customers Save Money and the Planet

Air conditioning technology is much more efficient now than in previous decades. This is thanks to more eco-friendly refrigerant chemicals and recycling programs. Businesses, like American Hermetics and hundreds of others, help to keep costs down for customers by using these environmentally safe strategies. One such strategy is remanufacturing.

Remanufacturing is a strategy where existing HVAC parts are repaired and supplemented with newer parts. This allows the HVAC business to use the same HVAC part without ordering or manufacturing new parts. Remanufacturing can be used when repairing a HVAC unit or it can be used during the manufacturing process itself. Essentially, a new HVAC unit can be made with various parts that are remanufactured.

This process is environmentally friendly since it reduces the carbon footprint of the HVAC manufacturing or repair process. Environmentalists point out that every time a product needs to be manufactured or repaired with new parts, the carbon output from that product is raised. Therefore, by remanufacturing products, like an air conditioning compressor, the HVAC repair or manufacturing process is much more environmentally friendly.

In addition, these strategies help customers in terms of costs. By reducing the amount of energy and resources going into the repair or manufacturing process, remanufacturing can reduce the overall cost of the HVAC unit. This passes on savings to customers.

Remanufacturing is a cost effective and environmentally safe way to repair or manufacture HVAC units. Many companies are on the leading edge of using this strategy when they are working on air conditioners and other HVAC systems.
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