18 October 2014

Barbie and the Secret Door... with a Secret Workout!


I get excited for my children (I'm not sure if they themselves do!) when there are new animated movies that are coming out soon. Now that they are bigger, we could all watch in the cinema as a family. Or just watch at home on our TV when we didn't get the chance to go out to the mall.

Barbie and the Secret Door, and other previous Barbie movies, were no exceptions. My youngest, Cayla, who's three years old, likes Barbie the best. 

This movie is about Princess Alexa, a princess who prefers to stay in her room and read stories, all day and all night, if she could! She doesn't like to speak in public or attend functions where there are other people, as part of her duty as a princess. I think she's shirking away from her responsibility, but she was described as shy. Alexa then discovers a secret door to a magical world, where she needs to face her insecurities and be the hero.

I could relate a bit to Alexa since I am very shy, I like to read, and I hope to be whisked away to a magical world. The pretty dresses are a big plus! Could a Barbie movie be without a change of outfits? Of course not!

The songs in the movie (yes, it's a musical!) are like pop music, very upbeat. Whenever Cayla watches Barbie and the Secret Door, she always forces asks me to dance with her. No one's watching so I give it my all, haha! So it has become my secret workout! ;-)

Do your kids like Barbie? Have they watched Barbie and the Secret Door?
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