02 December 2014

Keimav Bag Organizer from Lazada

I have been wanting to purchase a bag organizer for a while now and I was not sure what to get. When I saw this on Lazada, I decided to place my order. Although it is not a bag on its own like what I have seen on another site, it's fine since this one has more pockets. 

These are what I like about this bag organizer:
  • Like I mentioned, it has more pockets for the little items that I had to turn my bag over just to find. I can see the said items because of the mesh material.
  • The material is lightweight and looks easy to clean.
  • There are zippered compartments to store cluttered papers like prescription, vouchers and receipts. I just need to remember that I placed them inside, hehe!

I know it doesn't match my red orange bag!

There are handles to easily pull it out of the bag.

There's an option to expand, if needed. Well, I needed to!


How the items are organized before placing them inside my bag. I have a pouch for my kikay kit and a need these days: a reusable bag!
If you want to get more details about this bag organizer and perhaps order one, here's the link to its Lazada product page: Keimav bag organizer

What do you think? Would you have bought this bag organizer?

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