14 January 2015

3 Tips for Safe Overhead Crane Operation

Your overhead crane is a vital part of your company's everyday doings, whether you work in a factory, a chemical plant, or outdoors on construction sites. But regardless of the setup of your overhead crane, it's important that you use it and care for it according to manufacturer instructions, and that you always obey all safety rules and regulations, and have the crane and any other equipment you own tested regularly. Here are three tips to ensure that you use your overhead crane -- and any other large equipment you'd like to apply these tips to - properly and safely, which ensures the minimization of on-the-job injuries, as well as damage to expensive equipment.

Always respect manufacturer rules and guidelines.
Operate your overhead crane according to instructions, and take care to make sure that you do not overload your crane, or attempt to lift loads that are unbalanced or prone to becoming easily unbalanced. One small shift in an overloaded or unsteady load is all it takes for catastrophic results. Online resources such as www.ProservAnchor.com can provide you with helpful information on rules and guidelines for various cranes and related equipment.

Take into consideration the use of hoists.
Hoists and other types of external lifting equipment all play an important role in helping you to use your overhead crane to its maximum abilities. Of course, you'll want to make sure that with straight-lift cranes in particular, any third party equipment you bring into the equation -- such as an overhead hoist or other lifting equipment -- is being used properly, and has been recently inspected to ensure safe operation.

Perform your own inspections.
State-required minimum inspections ensure that you can continue to run your business, but if you are prioritizing safety on the job, conduct your own monthly inspections to ensure everything is top notch.
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