16 January 2015

Communication And Travel

Communication is important!
A wonderful present that us humans were bestowed with is the gift of communication. Communication is vital in building relationships and bridging cultures. Communication promotes understanding amongst people. There are various ways of communicating, and one of these is through language. 

The world is big, and languages vary. That's why there is a need for dictionaries and translation services. Now, with the innovation in technology, there are phone applications that translate the written and spoken words, even signboards with the use of the smartphone camera. Amazing, right? I still like the idea in the movie Click, though, that I could change the speech of a foreign person who's speaking, into a language that I could understand using a universal remote. Or, subtitles would suddenly appear below the person who's talking in a different tongue. Haha! Just kidding! It's easier to understand people from other places and communicating is now easier. 

Traveling is great!
And that makes traveling more convenient, too, especially if it's to a country that speaks little to no English. Traveling is a great way to collect one-of-a-kind experiences and to make exciting memories. Here we learn about others, their culture, their beliefs, and we sure could pick up something that we could apply to our lives, whether it's simplicity or discipline. I believe traveling enhances our appreciation of life, of beauty, of blessings and motivates us to be open, nonjudgmental, tolerant. When understanding and empathy springs in our hearts, when we value and utilize our gift of communication, the world is small.
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