18 May 2015

Importance of Women's Health

Women truly contribute a lot to society. There are many women who are doctors, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, etc. Many of these women are also wives and mothers. Their various roles require plenty of their time and effort. The demands of home and work could be stressful and take a toll on health. This is the reason why investing on women's health is of great importance.

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. -Cardinal Mermillod
Don't you agree?

Let this infographic from Oscar serve as a guide to us women who want to always stay on top of everything by being healthy and remain in good shape. If you've never heard of Oscar, their NY and NJ health insurance services make it easier for their members to make these appointments and stay on top of your health. For example, they have a Doctor on Call service that allows members to directly call their doctor through the Oscar app without having to make an appointment or go to the doctors.

It would also help to be informed of our family's health history. Like me, I had to be checked for my thyroid problem and diabetes since my mom has them, too. Pretty soon, I have to take tests for signs of breast cancer as it claimed the life of my maternal grandmother.

I am sure we want to do our best in these opportunities that God has blessed us with. That is why it is significant that we do our best to take care of our bodies that God has blessed us with.

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