02 February 2016

5 Ways to Cut Spending in the Business for 2016

In order for a business to survive, money needs to be spent wisely. Technology provides a number of ways to reduce the overhead costs of a company through various alternatives. These methods may also prove to be a good marketing point by advertising that your business is essentially "eco-friendly." While you don't have to line your roof with solar panels, cutting the costs of paper and energy use has potential to attract customers who focus on the environment.

BYOD Platforms

Many businesses are moving to a Bring-Your-Own-Device platform. This means employees use their own smartphones, laptops and computers to perform the work. It saves money on hardware purchased by the company and the time spent by your IT staff to keep them operational. For a lot of businesses, personal hardware means personal expense to repair broken devices.


Paperless Systems

In reality, there is no reason to store or create paper-based documents in the 21st century. Digital signatures are just as binding as those of pen and paper in most states. Using paperless document management allows you to archive everything you'll ever need without buying countless file cabinets and drawers. Some businesses have to get large storage units to hold all of their paperwork, which becomes an additional expense.

Cloud Usage

Storing files and such on the Cloud allows you to access work materials from virtually anywhere. This provides a greater level of productivity for your employees while giving access to vital information from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

In the Bathrooms

Using motion-sensing lights and aerated faucets reduces the resources wasted in the bathroom every day. Most organizations keep their lights on throughout all hours. Motion switches removes this energy loss by registering the movement of people actually in the facilities. Aerated faucets reduces the amount of water that is used when employees wash their hands.

Watering the Grounds

Water timers can help regulate how much is being used. Some of the newer models will detect rainfall eliminating the need to water the grass. You can also go a step further and use additives that will enhance the usage of that water. This could reduce how often your grounds need to be saturated by up to 50 percent, depending on the brand of additive.

These are only a few ways that you can prepare the business for 2016. With each new innovative technology, greater savings can be achieved. Keep your finger on the pulse of business devices and discover other ways to drastically cut your financial losses each year. Less money to these expenses means more money for marketing and payroll.
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