31 January 2016

Anniversary @ Midas

Aside from my birthday month, I also look forward to October. It is our anniversary month. I love that my hubby wanted to celebrate it with me. 2015 was our ninth year of marriage. It fell on a Thursday and we had dinner. I was excited to wear my new dress I bought from Zalora. Here's my OOTD taken by the hubby using his phone.
Dress: Zalora | Shoes: H2Ocean | Bag: MFTote201 by mymomfriday | Watch: FitBit

There was a discount coupon from Deal Grocer for Midas Cafe at Midas Hotel and Casino that I snapped up. It was located in Manila and that's where we went.

Having King Midas in mind, I expected the hotel to be gilded, shiny and shimmering. The lighted wall in the photo above seemed promising.

Well, it was different from what I was looking forward to. We were seated at an area with lots of green that I felt like I was in a forest. While the nature-lover in me was happy, I felt like the interior design was disconnected from the name Midas. At least for me!

While I was getting food in one section of the buffet, the wind from the A/C was so strong my skirt was blown upwards. Good thing I had shorts on! I felt like Marilyn Monroe! Haha! It was so weird!

We were not yet finished with the main course when a staff brought this out together with a greeting. We were not informed, but the gesture was appreciated.

The food was alright. I am not sure if we will return, though. There are a lot of hotel restaurants to try in the Metro. Anniversary is a great excuse to sample various food selections. :-)

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