27 April 2016

Summer So Far

At the beginning of summer, during Holy Week to be exact, my family of five trooped to Jeju Island with extended family and friends. After preparation for a much colder weather, we were set to enjoy our first international travel together. We were part of a group tour and visited lots of places, including the very pink Hello Kitty Island.

And then, we enrolled the three kids in swimming school. For ten days I prepared their things, we waited for their scheduled time, I hanged out for an hour watching them through clear glass, they showered after, we went home and they had snacks. Swimming makes them hungry.

My birthday also rolled around during this time. I celebrated it with my side of the family with a filling dinner, and this cake...

So, that's our summer so far. These days, we just stay at home, with me cleaning up some clutter. 

I hope we could go to on a local trip soon, one that is accessible from Manila. Do you have any suggestion?

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