15 July 2016

#Starbucks Spinach Lasagna

Of all the pasta and pizza choices in Sbarro, I find myself gravitating to its Spinach Lasagna. Maybe it's an attempt to eat healthy food while nomming on cheesy pasta!

That's why, I cannot help but order the Spinach Lasagna in Starbucks one morning. I paired it with Dark Mocha Frappuccino, a regular for me when there's no new flavor to try.

The lasagna was calling to me. But, I wish there were more gooey cheese and tomato sauce. I guess that's why it's a bit lacking in flavor. In Sbarro, extra meat sauce could be added for a few pesos. Maybe that option could be great. The way the pasta was cooked and the amount of spinach were good though.

Would I order it again? If a craving for pasta would hit me, why not?

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