02 September 2016

A Dinner At Quezon Restaurant

It's always great to meet up with really close friends and talk over dinner. It's even more wonderful if the food is delicious.

I went to Fisher Mall one evening with one guy friend and two gal pals. While looking at the restaurants, we saw a freshly opened one called Quezon, a Filipino - Spanish buffet. Since it was new, the walls were very white and clean. There was a sharp contrast with the black of the furniture and decor. It's design was very contemporary, with a pretty chandelier to add shine and elegance.

I guess we were famished because the only photo I took was this.

It struck me as classy and we loved the high ceiling with sparkling chandeliers. 

Honestly, I didn't know where to start; not from the appetizers of:
vegetable salad
macaroni salad
potato salad
fried lumpiang ubod (yummy!)
garlic mushrooms

There were three kinds of sisig: pork, chicken and bangus (milkfish).  There was spicy lechon, bagnet, angus beef tapa, roasted chicken on the carving station.

Filipino dishes that tempt were dinakdakan, callos, bulalo steak (this was delicious!), kare-kare, pinakbet, ginataang langka. They also have pancit canton and longganisa pasta (too salty for me).

I especially love the soft serve ice cream which tasted like the popular Filipino hot chocolate drink. There were also other Filipino desserts that tickled our tastebuds.

Click here for the price, or check out the Quezon Buffet Restaurant facebook page.

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