21 October 2016

Breakfast at #CoffeeProject with Fellow Moms

The first time I went out with fellow K1 moms this school year, we trooped to the Coffee Project. It's a newly opened garden-inspired café in Quezon City.

We were greeted with flowers. 

You may wonder. "What does coffee have to do with flowers?" 

Well, I read that people use coffee grounds to fertilize their soil for plants and flowers.

We took the table right at the top of this staircase.

You would think that we have walked into a flower store when surveying this area.

We were there at past eight in the morning and we were almost the only ones around.

There were lots of knick-knacks on the nooks & crannies. I wondered whether the staff would be able to dust all of them.

The interestingly busy hallway/seating area going to the washroom. Too bad I didn't have enough time to pore through the decorated text and the words on the post-its. 

Each of us ordered the Continental Breakfast. We thought that this choice offers more value for money, although it's still pricey at Php250. It didn't even have coffee.

I was excited about the waffles, though. I love waffles! The syrup, jam and butter looked too little.

We were a bit disappointed with the service, considering there were not many customers. 
The coffee and water took a while to arrive. The server even asked us if we want the food and coffee to be served at the same time.

Therefore, I ordered a cup of Vietnamese Latte that came with a delicious cookie. The coffee was on the sweet side, yet, that's how I like mine.

I bought home a large cookie with sticky marshmallow and a (leaking) cookie cup + milk. It's my first time to try a cookie cup. Yum!

Does Coffee Project interest you?
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